The Technology Of 3d Printing

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Three-dimensional (3D) printing is an exciting feat of modern human innovation emerging at the dawn of a new industrial uprising, however as we all know, with all beneficial revolutions come vindictive consequence. 3D printable firearms are a stain in a revolution that could potentially change the world as we know it. These weapons are a reality and they are under much scrutiny in the engineering and technological world with major implications on public safety and loopholes in federal regulations. The emerging technology of 3D printing has been under development for many years now and the potential is highly underestimated. The latent violence that 3D printed weapons - or more specifically - guns could impose on society is frankly frightening. The controversy is generated from two different sides: one side takes the stance that these guns will be used as undetectable firearms for crime and could give anyone with a printer access to a lethal weapon; the other side believes that just as an individual could go to a hardware store and buy tools to enact violence in some form, a 3D printed firearm is no different. Part II will present the cutting edge technology of 3D printing, the uprising and how it has evolved. Part III introduces good and bad the 3D printing technology carries, and the reality of 3D printed firearms and their evolution. Part IV analyses the implications that 3D printed firearms have on current and future regulations and society as well as plausible solutions

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