The Technology Of Driverless Cars Essay

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Driverless Cars also known as, autonomous vehicles, seem to be the next big thing when it comes to the future advancement of cars. In fact, “Autonomous" automobile test models have been on the road since 2009, so far driving hundreds of thousands of miles without an accident” (McDonald 6). Since driverless cars are seeming to become a real thing in the future to come there’s multiple questions on how people feel about driverless cars. Is it a good thing? A bad thing? How will it affect our society in years to come? Many people will argue that the technology of driverless cars is a bad idea and will affect our society negatively in years to come. I argue that point and believe that companies should introduce the technology of driverless cars because, it will have a positive impact on, not only cars, but society in general in the mere future. When it comes to driverless cars and the impact that the technology could bring, I’m talking about the impact within people’s safety, the users convenience in mobility , the economy, and the technological advances in the car itself. That’s just a couple ways that a driverless car can be positive. In fact, Thomas Frey, a futurist who researches and understands fully about the concept of driverless vehicles states that, “there’s many aspects of driverless cars that are overwhelmingly positive” (Frey 39). When it comes to people’s safety, driverless cars could be safer than people driving in an operated car. “In the United States, the

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