The Temptation Of College Campuses

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As Humans we are naturally attracted to sin. Everyone receives the urge to sin at some point in their lives because sin gives one a sense of an easy and free life. This urge is often called temptation. We are all judged as to how we deal with these temptations. Because of humanity, everyone has failed to resist temptation. However, not only humans are tempted to sin, but so was Jesus. As stated in the book of Matthew, “Then Jesus was led up by the Spirit into the wilderness to be tempted by the devil.” But just as Jesus resisted his temptation of the devil, there are ways Christians can resist the temptation surrounding college campuses. First, you must identify what causes your temptation. Everyone holds their own temptation. As stated in the introduction, Jesus never sinned, but he was still tempted to. Spend a few minutes each day reflecting over your personal temptations. Then pin-point your specific traits that trigger the temptation; maybe you 're unhappy with yourself. Just remember no two people are alike. Your temptation might be the same as your friends, but the primary cause might vary. A pastor, counselor, or even a relative can help reveal your flaws that bring on temptation. If you 're still having a hard time even with assistance, start targeting things that make you sad, insecure, or even angry. Look into your heart, ask yourself, “ Do I really love myself for who I am?” After reflection of yourself, then you shall find the root of your temptation. Second,
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