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The Tenement Museum The Tenement Museum is prestigious for its fine architecture and history that continues to relive itself. The tours of the museum show the lives of the people who once lived inside the tenements. The tours educate the visitors on historical events and display a museum unlike any other. The following essay will incorporate my experience at the museum along with the stories of the families that once dwelled in these tenements and lived during a time of economic struggle. In the nineteenth century, families of all different kinds of races resided in tenements. The tenements I will be writing about are located on 96 Orchard Street in the lower east side of New York City. Every room tells a remarkable story of the lives…show more content…
Nathalie was a stay at home mom who cared for the children while the Julius worked. Julius worked long hours of the day and would go to the local bar located in the basement area of the tenement after work. One day however, as Nathalie was waiting at home, she became worried as Julius had not returned home from work. Julius was always home by sunset, but this time, Julius was not there. Nathalie went down to the bar to see if Julius was there. The owner of the bar stated that he saw Julius heading off to work in the morning, but has not seen him since. Unfortunately, this would be the last time anyone saw Julius, as he never returned home and his whereabouts were never discovered. For the sake of the family and for herself, Nathalie knew that she had to find a way to work and support her children without Julius. Nathalie’s skills in sewing inspired her to turn the living room, into a small garment shop. With Nathalie's skills in sewing, she made dresses for other German women in the neighborhood. Nathalie survived these rough times with determination and hard work and was able to be the sole provider for her children. After living a life of unexpected events, such as her husband’s disappearance, Nathalie’s life took yet another turn. However, this time it was a positive turn. Years after Julius' disappearance, Nathalie was sent a letter that stated that she inherited $600 from her husband. Julius Gumpertz was never found and the family used the money
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