The Terrible Truth of Suicide

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On average, a person commits suicide every 16.2 minutes. Depression, bullying, or even mental disorders can cause the act of intentionally killing oneself. Phrase’s that are commonly used have been taken lightly throughout the past years, such as: “Oh, I’m going to kill myself.” Generally, people using this expression they do not actually mean that, but some people might. People who commit suicide, more often than not, have been affected by an outside matter of issues. In the United States alone, suicide makes up for 2% of all deaths. Men over 69 and people between 15 and 24 have the highest rates of suicide. Many factors come into play, when committing such an act, but depression ranks number one in the cause category. About two-thirds of people who accomplish the act of suicide are generally depressed at the time of their deaths.

Depression is a severe despondency and dejection, typically felt over a period of time and accompanied by feelings of hopelessness and inadequacy. Depression is a condition that reportedly affects 1 in 10 Americans at one point or another. This condition, at times, can be overwhelming to certain individuals at specific times in one’s life. In some cases of severe depression, this will lead to suicide. People that feel depressed often feel that “everyone would be better off without me.” To that person that is the rational answer, but they are being misled by their own state of being. Depression is treatable, almost always; the only

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