The Texas Academic Performance Report Essay

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The Texas Academic Performance Reports is a detailed report of a district’s academic performance, financial information, and data reports as long as information about staff programs and demographics. Although the final and official ratings have not been released, a preliminary analysis for 2016 was available for review. From the results collected, I was able to create a detailed data analysis and summary over Channelview ISD’s STAAR/EOC scores for 2016 at all grade levels. Channelview ISD, the district in which I was raised and currently teach, is considered a low demographic district with a high population of at-risk, economically disadvantaged and special education students. The TAPR results exhibit a clear correlation between the demographics of the school and their performance results. Results vary sporadically and show clear indicators of differences amongst demographic factors such as grade, gender, race, economic level, language capabilities and intelligence level, however, some factors influence test results more than others. Grade, intelligence level and language capabilities prove to be the main factors in the gaps between the percent of the state that were at Level II Satisfactory or Above and district percentage results. Also analyzed were the percentages of students who were at Postsecondary Readiness and Advanced and lastly and analysis on what percent of students made progress and exceeded progress as well as identifying which students performed well and

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