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In the documentary The One Percent the director and narrator of the film, Jamie Johnson, gives viewers a thought provoking look inside some of the wealthiest families in America. Johnson comes from old money. He is the great-grandson of one of the brothers that founded Johnson and Johnson Pharmaceuticals and his father inherited a fortune of one billion dollars. In the documentary, Jamie Johnson takes on the character of a filmmaker seemingly disinterested by his and his family’s overly abundant wealth. Johnson 's initial purpose for making this documentary was to expose the corruption and power of the top one percent. He wants to expose how the rich keep getting richer by showing how his family handles their finances. He claims “Having so…show more content…
This sign foreshadows and symbolizes the exclusive nature of the upper class that Johnson describes later in the film. He begins to make conversation with a woman who has a British accent. A study done by Howard Giles with the department of Psychology at the University of Bristol, states “Their [Wallace Lambert and colleagues] work has shown that stereotyped impressions of an individual 's personality may be formulated by listeners when presented with a speaker 's voice whose vocal contours are representative of phonological patterns peculiar to specific group membership.” (Giles) Plainly, when people hear an accent, subconsciously they connect it with their previous experiences involving people with that accent. Because the British are often known for their history of wealth, power, monarchies, and luxurious culture, the average viewer of the documentary will subconsciously and inherently connect the women 's British accent to wealth and authority. At this point in the film, upon hearing her voice the viewer will have a broad understanding of what the documentary is about before even being presented the formal narration of Johnson’s thesis. The spying concept, the luxurious environment, and the audio of refined music and voice all come together as elements that make this scene extensively persuasive.
Shortly after the introduction, Johnson presents a wave of facts and statistics by using simple graphic animations. These facts and

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