The Theme Chosen To Form The Basis Of The Mtp Is Healthy

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The theme chosen to form the basis of the MTP is healthy eating with aspects of food and culture. Incorporated in the MTP are the creative approaches that can be adopted to support and enhance the thinking and learning of children in a Year 3 classroom. The creative approaches will be evaluated by making detailed connections with statutory and non – statutory curriculum guidance. The lessons in the MTP all have the potential to be taught using creative approaches. Furthermore, the creative approaches are both learner and teacher – centred methods which provide opportunities that will enrich creativity. The strategies which have been included in the MTP are discussion, modelling and use of ICT amongst many others. The strategies chosen…show more content…
On the other hand, when children are asked to discuss in pairs or groups they might discuss something which is not related to what they are learning (Coles and Mcgrath, 2011). Also, certain children may dominate the conversation leading to other children being less involved or completely withdrawn from the discussion. To prevent this from happening children should be taught to use exploratory talk (critical but constructive engagement with each other’s ideas) as a problem – solving and learning tool. Hence, there will be an improvement to group work which in the end will benefit individual learning outcomes (Dawes, Littleton, Mercer, Wegerif and Warwick, 2012). Whereas, teachers may cut opportunities for discussion short due to time related pressures, including increasing demand to cover curriculum content, meet standards, plan and implement interventions. This results in teachers often taking control of discussion. Thus, opportunities for students to engage in meaningful and extended activities that require them to think, question, reflect, and respond can be limited. Relative absence of discussion and real talk present missed opportunities for both students and teachers. This includes promoting engagement, learning and informing teaching. These challenges can be overcome by carefully planning discussion times in lessons to motivate students in thinking and learning.

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