The Theme Of Characterism In 'Snakes'

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In “Snakes,” a short story written by Danielle Evans, a cruel and realistic world forms around a young black girl named Tara who is sent to stay with her grandmother for the summer. The story unfolds as the reader learns that the grandmother seems to be racially prejudiced, even towards her own granddaughter, Tara. During Tara’s stay at her grandmother’s house, she is accompanied by her cousin Allison who is white. The story centers around Tara’s attempts to remain a normal girl in the eyes of her grandmother, but struggles as her race seems to get in the way of her grandmother’s complete acceptance of her. Danielle Evans is helping the readers understand the difficulty of growing up in America as a minority. The characterization of characters in this story helps the readers understand the environment and setting of the story while implicating the major theme of race throughout the story. The story’s major theme of race follows the other story’s themes of race in Danielle Evans’ collection of short stories. The main character, Tara, is introduced in the story at the very beginning. The reader learns about who she is and where she comes from. Her parents are environmental researchers who are going on a trip to Brazil while Tara stays with her grandmother in Tallahassee. Her parents are an interracial couple and are very loving and supportive of Tara. It is hard for Tara to understand this because they will not let her come with them to Brazil. Tara then has no choice but to

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