The Theme Of Dreams In A Rasin In The Sun

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For most people, their lives are driven by one thing - this is their dream. It gives a life purpose, and a goal to strive for. Some achieve them, some don’t. In Langston Hughes’ poem, “Harlem Two” He ponders what happens to dreams that are not only unachieved, but pushed aside. Ruth, a characters from “A Rasin in the Sun”, written by Lorraine Hansberry, has a dream deferred. Ruth is a wife and a mother of Her dream develops the idea of “festering like a sore” as written in Hughes’ poem. A sore is a bother those who have one, yet they don’t really limit a body; much like how Ruth only considers her dream to be a distraction, as she goes on with her life. Ruth’s dream is a festering sore until Ruth is faced with a difficult decision, and the sore is pricked. Like a scar marking where a sore was, a memory of Ruth’s dream is really all she has left. Ruth’s dream has almost disappeared, but she still has it etched in her - like how after time a sore can heal and almost go away, but it leaves a scar. Ruth will never forget her dream that she had as a child, but she has to take of the necessities in her life (and the lives of her family) first. Mama sees this, and Ruth’s devotion reminds Mama of herself. Walter even says, “Mama would listen to you. You know he listen to you more than she do me and Bennie. She think more of you”(18). Walter knows Mama will listen to Ruth; she sees herself in Ruth.they are both maternal women whose main focus is their family, so Mama trusts Ruth.

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