The Theme Of Forgiveness In The Power Of One Peekay

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Forgiveness can have different reason for forgiving and different ways it would effect a person. There is forgiving someone for just being rude or calling someone names. There is forgiving someone for harming them mentally or physically. No matter the reason for forgiving someone the impact can be big on the person doing the forgiving. In The Power of One Peekay and a few others forgive people for harming them or just insulting them. Peekay is the one who forgives people most often. Peekay was still able to forgive the Judge after he wronged him multiple times. He still had it in his heart to do so. Peekay also would forgive the Judge because he realized that what the Judge had done to him had improved him physically and mentally. Even though Peekay was able to forgive people that didn’t mean he was able to forget the things they had done to him. He was still hurt by the way they treated him. In The Power of One, Bryce Courtenay uses the theme of forgiveness to demonstrate how Peekay can forgive after many hardships, how Peekay can forgive someone because the way they wronged him helped him later in life, and how forgiving doesn’t always mean forgetting. Courtenay expresses the theme of forgiveness by using Peekay as an example of how someone can forgive even after many hardships. Throughout the story Peekay is continuously having struggles with bullies, losing people, and trying to start his boxing career. The person who caused him the most amount of pain was also the
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