The Theme Of Love In James Joyce'sThe Dead?

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Why is love so important in a person’s life? In society, love is such a vital aspect which most center their lives around. For many it is what creates meaning in their daily lives and what makes us continue to chose to live. People move across the country for love, do outrageous acts that declare their love, and spend their lives dedicating time, energy, and commitment to those they chose to love. “Love is what makes the world go round” because it is such a strong feeling of attachment we feel for our partners, children, and friends. As humans we have strong emotional needs and many make the mistake of ignoring when these needs are not being met. In the last three paragraphs of the short story “The Dead” by James Joyce, Gabriel and Gretta Conroy attend a family function which ends in a marital dispute. Gabriel experiences a tense evening arguing with various family members and ends the evening realizing his marriage has been a facade. In “The Dead,” Joyce reveals the universal truth that what creates meaning in life and death is love not only feeling true love, but being loved. Like many stories in The Dubliners, “The Dead” ends in a dramatic emotional dispute between Gabriel and Gretta. This dispute causes a shift in Gabriel's emotional state and causes him to realize the impact of love on life and death. Gretta has told Gabriel the story of her first love, Michael Furey, whom died tragically for love and it was the truest love she has ever felt. Gabriel was unaware

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