The Dead by James Joyce

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The short story the dead is written by James Joyce an Irish writer who lived between 1882-1941,he is best known for his modern writing techniques, with stories such as “The Dead”, this story is well known for its deep analogy of Irish culture, history, and how the story relates to life struggles, the difficulties of time and age and dealing to forget the dead ones we have lost. In the story we learn the toughts and voice of a husband who finds out that his wife previous love of her life still remains a huge part of her life,even tough this man no longer physically esxist he is still in his wifes toughts,how she has not been able to overcome that lost,and how this affects this character,his ego and how he learns to deal with the issue. The story opens with Gabriel and wife's arrival at Misses Morkan's Annual Dance," held by his two aunts, Kate and Julian Morkan.There is a great party environment,Gabriel sees lily the maid,and he sees that she is growing up,he asked if she was still going to school,when she replied she was done with school Gabriel asked when her marriage would be”I suppose well be going to your weeding real soon”page 2637.Her quick bitter response “The men that is now is only a palaver”page 2637.This is the first example of Gabriel disconnection with the younger generation. During Misses Morkan's Annual Dance , Gretta is brought flash back memories that remind her of her love with Michael Furey.Gretta Is first reminded of her love story with Michael when

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