The Theoretical Construct Of Self Regulation

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soundness of transferring the theoretical construct of self-regulation from educational psychology to the area of second language acquisition. A number of studies on self-regulation in language learning have been carried out in Western contexts (Mezei, 2008). Drawing upon the social cognitive and sociocultural perspectives of self-regulation, Wang, Quach, and Rolston (2009) investigated the development of four male Chinese English language learners ' use of self-regulated learning strategies. Their case study participants were students at an elementary school in the United States. The focus of this qualitative study was on how SRL strategies were learned and used across home-based and school-based contexts by the learners.…show more content…
university. The findings showed that contextual factors such as learners ' self-beliefs and social support had an influence on the self-regulatory strategies they used. Bown highlighted that in the context of individualized instruction, the most important self-regulatory strategy the learners must employ is structuring the learning environment to meet their language learning needs. Due to the isolation felt by the learners in this self-instructed language learning context, they needed to deal with negative emotions like avoidance with positive self-talk. Self-regulation and motivation of adult language learners of different proficiency levels in English language learning was investigated in Mezei 's (2008) classroom-based study. The case study findings showed that a learner within the upper intermediate level is more conscious of her language learning processes and more competent in regulating her language learning than the pre-intermediate learner. She self-initiated her learning process by using effective learning strategies to achieve her intrinsic language learning goal. The learner with a higher proficiency level practiced self-reflection, and thus was more aware of her language strengths and specific areas to improve. However, this
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