The Theories Of Personality, By Abraham Maslow, Gordon Allport, Albert Bandura, And Raymond Cattell

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When it comes to understanding the theories of personality, there are several psychologists that put their input in to help us understand the theories of personality. The individuals that have contributed to the theories of personality and have made us understand the topic more would be Abraham Maslow, Gordon Allport, Albert Bandura, and Raymond Cattell. Abraham Maslow was born in Brooklyn, New York April 1, 1908. As a young child, Abraham was the oldest child out of seven brothers and sister. “His parents were first generation Jewish immigrants from Russia who fled from Czarist persecution in the early 20th century (Cherry).” After fleeing from Czarists, Abraham’s parents decided to live in New York and in a multiethnic working class neighborhood. When Abraham was old enough to attend school, it was a tough time for him because he would experience anti-Semitism from his teachers and other students that were around. He never got alone with his mother and he told his mother "What I had reacted to was not only her physical appearance, but also her values and world view, her stinginess, her total selfishness, her lack of love for anyone else in the world (Cherry).” As the years pasted, Abraham graduated from high school and began attending the City College of New York in the year 1926. When Abraham began college in 1926, he didn’t start out studying Psychology; he started studying law. Soon after, Abraham transferred from the City College of New York to the University of

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