Essay On Critical Thinking In Nursing

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Critical reflection is the active, organised cognitive process used to carefully examine ones thinking and the thinking of others. It draws upon skills used in other ways of thinking, but is viewed as a broader concept that’s differentiated by its holistic, purposeful, reflective and goal orientated nature. Critical thinking is central to quality nursing practice. It is therefore important that nurses purposefully use and develop their critical thinking ability in order to deliver safe and effective patient care. This essay looks first at the theory and practices of reflection along with its benefits are discussed. It then identifies consequences of not being a reflective practitioner. Finally, it discusses methods by which nurses can …show more content…

Nurses that think critically are more aware of their own predispositions and are superior in dealing with patients from different backgrounds. This is because nurses that are aware of their own value and belief system are more probable in challenging and changing unproductive practices and improving patient outcomes. Critical thinking is a standard for competent nursing practices. The professional and ethics code reminds nurses of their responsibility towards all those in their care as a human right which includes cultural rights. It is seen as a declaration by the nurse that they will continuously deliver due care to whomsoever is in their care (Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia, 2013). This makes critical reflection a vital part of the nursing profession and forms the basis of thereof. Nurses that fail to employ critical reflection as part of their profession may be at risk of performing below par. Bourdieu’s concept of habitus identifies the way in which a nurse may carry out their personal ethnic based values and belief onto patients from a background unlike their own with the unintentional result being a preservation of ethnocentrism. According to Carballeria, formations of such health values are expected to lead to nurses holding bias cross-cultural outlooks towards individuals from marginalised groups such as all middle aged Aboriginals are alcoholics. (Chambers, Thompson & Narayanasamy, 2013) Failure of

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