The Theory Of A Research Hypothesis

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will be explain here. In deductive approach, Investigator has to pay attention on the development of research hypothesis by which we can reach to result. Formation of hypothesis is totally depend on the predetermine study and discovered theories. When the hypothesis is complete than investigator have to test these hypothesis on the basis of collected data may be it can accept or reject .There are following three steps by which we can use the deductive method approach.
Step one: make hypothesis on the basis of discovered theories
Step Two: analysis of hypothesis on the basis of collected data.
Step three: Reach to the result on the basis of test either it can be rejecting or accept the hypothesis.
On another hand inductive research approach mainly work on different kinds of theories which are totally depend on the data collected from studies .Data is collected for the development of the information and theories are made on that information. It is also called as bottom up approach by which we can touch the top point by moving on the data collected from the respondents. By doing different between inductive and deductive research approach, in deductive approach, there is huge possibility of unexpected result which reduce or slow down the goodwill. Theories are already presents in deductive research approach which cannot be possible in case of inductive research approach.
Deductive research approach is examine one of most reliably for developing study because it is totally
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