The Theory Of Basic Anxiety

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The theorist Karen Horney was the first person to develop the idea of basic anxiety. Having her own personal struggles with being rejected of affection aided her thought of social development, yet paving the way for new developmental theories of personality. The impact Horney had on the discipline of psychology was enormous. Horney not only inspired women psychologists, but also created a new place in the world where women had the right to their own ideas. Karen Horney was born and raised in Germany. When Horney was a child she yearned for her parents love and affection. She felt that her parents did not love her or one another, as they should. As throughout her childhood and adolescents she saw the hostility and resentment between her parents. With Horney’s childhood loneliness and enlightening influences of Alfred Adler and Sigmund Freud, she began to have interest in human personality and behavior. As an adult Horney attended the University of Berlin in 1913, where she studied medicine and received her Ph. D. While at the University of Berlin she fell in and out of love, and then one day she finally met her husband but seventeen years later they separated.
Afterwards Horney moved to the United States of America, perusing to help patients as she did in Germany. As in America, Horney saw the uprising of women’s rights, which were starting to become popular in America than other places around the world. Horney learned that there was a general difference between her German

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