The Theory Of Behaviorism And Operant Conditioning

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B.F Skinner Renowned American psychologist B.F. Skinner, well known for his theory on behaviorism and operant conditioning. He was the most influential 20th - century psychologist. His works includes “The Behavior of Organisms” (1938) which was about the results in his experiment with operant conditioning, and a novel based on his theories “Walden” (1948). He was not only a psychologist he was a behaviorist, teacher, author, inventor, and a social philosopher as well. Born as Burrhus Frederic Skinner, in a small town of Susquehanna, Pennsylvania. As a young boy he was active, out-going who loved the outdoors and was fascinated in building gadgets and contraptions. As he grew up, in 1926 Skinner attended Hamilton College in New York, where broaden a passion for writing, but he did not have much success with writing. So he made the decision to pursue psychology at Harvard University. After Skinner earned his doctorate at Harvard, he started working and developed ideas of human behavior. He was influenced by the work of John B. Watson and Ivan Pavlov as well. During his time at Harvard he wanted a verifiable way to study psychology. In result, he developed a machine called “Operant Conditioning” in 1937, known as the Skinner Box. Skinner’s theory was that the external behavior should be observed only, he was more focused on how the consequences can impact a person’s behavior. He wanted to analyze how a consequences of a behavior can increase and decrease. The
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