The Theory Of Cognitive Development

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The development of children to an adult is a vast yet intricate process.
Many psychologists today believe that the development of an infant involves acquiring intellectual abilities. This process involves the child maturing physically much like how an infant would mature to adulthood. The core issue of this reading is that how children develop and learn through the stages of life to an adult. Piaget, one of most influential researchers in the history of psychology, not only revolutionized developmental psychology, but also formed a foundation for the formation of the intellect. While researching at the Binet Laboratory, Piaget observed that children at a young age made the same mistakes and had similar patterns compared to older children. The younger children used similar reasoning strategies to get to the answers. By this observation, Piaget theorized that older children did not only learn more than the younger ones, but were reasoning differently about problems. Piaget’s study led to the famous theory of cognitive development: The process of increasingly acquiring intelligence, problem solving, and sophisticated thinking from infancy to adulthood. From this, Piaget discovered a key intellectual ability called object permanence. His theory holds that cognitive development goes through four stages of development which include, preoperational, concrete operations, formal and sensorimotor operations. Piaget’s studies were not conducted through an unstructured evaluation

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