The Theory Of Consumer Behaviour

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One of the biggest theories within the field of consumer behaviour is the theory that people buy for status that products bring them; often buying products not for that they do by instead the connotations behind the product (Solomon and Rabolt (DATE), with Cave (2001) stating that products have a symbolic purpose, giving the consumer a sense of identity, with consumers believing that the purxhase will allow themselves to be perceived differently by other people.
Survey results showed that a substantial amount of people had made purchases from luxury brand with 51% of respondents having made purchases from Chanel, and 43% from Yves Saint Laurent. As well as this many had made purchases outside of the realm of cosmetics with only 20% stating that they had not made any luxury purchases. Dubois and Paternault (DATE) state that only a minority of consumers buy luxury names that they do not know, this was reflected when asked what luxury cosmetics brands were participants aware off; the most popular being Chanel, Yves Saint Laurent and Dior with the three same brands ranking at the top three for the most cosmetics purchases. “Distinctive logos and packaging make it more likely that consumers will be cued by a sight of a product” (Cave, 2001, p.37). When queried about the hypothsis that consumer enjoy the “environment” of a product more than the product itself, interviewees gave similar responses; Participant A felt that consumers are taught from advertising that to be liked

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