The Theory Of Feminist Care Ethics

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A moral theory determines what is right or wrong based off a structured set of statements. There are many different moral theories each obtaining their own set of guidelines for determining whether an action is morally right or wrong. In this paper I consider one objection against feminist care ethics. First I will outline the theory, and then discuss in detail the aspects of the theory that the objection targets. Next I will explain what the objection states. Lastly I will describe why it is a serious problem with the theory.
Feminist Care Ethics is a moral theory that is mainly focuses on emotions and caring for those we are responsible for. There are many features within this theory. First, the main focus of feminist care ethics is attending to whom we are responsible for. The theory acknowledges that throughout a lifetime there are times where people will need to be cared for whether it is in their early years or later. Those who are responsible for a person in need of care have an obligation to care for them. For example a mother to her dependent child or a daughter to her ill mother or father (Held, 2006, p. 478-9). Second, what is considered to be moral or immoral should be based off of valued emotions. Valued emotions are sympathy, empathy, sensitivity, and responsiveness. These are valued because they are considered kind and moral. I support this part of the theory because other moral theories rely on reason and rationalistic deductions and calculations in order

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