The Theory Of Power And Power

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The world we live in today is shaped by sacrifices, experiences, and decisions people before us have gone through. Sometimes people may question why things are the way they are today or why certain systems and organizations run the way they do. While researching evidence about our society an individual may come to the conclusion that the foundation of socialite is centered around the concept of power. A general explanation for this concept is, “power simply means the capacity to bring about outcomes”. (Lukes) Another clear definition would be that “power is about being able to realize wishes, to produce the effects you want to produce”. Though the concept of power is broad and this concept can be broken down such as having different types of power. Some different types of power can be political, economic, and global power which will be further discussed. Political power in a sense is the “ability held by individuals and groups in a society that allows them to create and enforce policies for the community and manage public resources.” (Lukes) “Power may be acquired as a means of governmental direction or in opposition to a government group.” (Lukes) I interpret political power as having power over a group, organization, or nation. Those who have political power usually are the ones who are constantly seen in the public eye and who are most of time wealthy individual who may be of caucasian decent. Figures in political power also determine and make choices on behalf of
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