The Theory Of Psychonoanalysis In Fincher's Fight Club

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The psychoanalytical tradition was made famous by the Austrian psychologist Sigmund Freud, whose work was profoundly influenced by Jean Charcot's original experiments with hypnosis and Josef Breuer's research on hysteria (Hergenhahn, 2005: 477-482). Freud began to expand on the idea of hypnosis and dreams as a means of understanding the unconscious process that he believed undermined all human thoughts and behavior. Although his theories were received with a large amount of criticism, his early lectures on psychoanalysis and dream interpretation have raised great interest in the minds of past and present psychologists. In the Introductory Lectures on Psychonoanalysis,”Feud wrote as if the cinema were a cultural form directly antithetical…show more content…
The big "twist" at the end of the film is that we find out that the Narrator and Tyler Durden is the same person. Structures of the Mind According to original Freudian psychoanalysis, there are three basic structures that, together, determined the nature of personality; they are the 'ego', 'superego' and the 'id'(Weiten, 2004:481). It is through the interaction of these three elements that the majority of psychoanalytical assumptions are based. Wieten defines these terms simplistically, as follow: "The id is the primitive, instinctive component of personality that operates according to the pleasure principle (instincts such as hunger, sex, thirst)...The ego is the decision-making component that operates according to the reality principle... The superego is the moral component that incorporates social standards about what represents right and wrong." (Wieten, 2004:481) Tyler Durden (The Id) Tyler is destructive and very violent, and does things his way whether it's acceptable or not and that makes him the ideal representation of the id. He shows this in how he invents the fight club, which is a place where the id can unleash its self with no restrictions and ideas of how it should be maintained. He also shows this in the way that he builds an army in an attempt to destroy the power that materialistic objects, and just society in general has over

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