The Theory Of Reality Is Defined As A State Of Existence

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What is reality? Do all humans face the same reality or does it differ from one person to the other? Are we capable of exercising any control over reality? These are all questions that may arise when we endeavor to answer questions about what exactly reality means to us. Reality can be defined as a state of existence. Our environment which blatantly without a doubt exists. Reality can also be said to be double-sided with some overlap. In the sense that different people may face different realities, but in some way share the same reality when a common goal is set to be achieved. We may or may not have the ability to exert any control over what ever reality or situations we face, but we may attempt to make some changes to better our lives. Having answered these questions, we shall now try to decipher if we can find any freedom when we take on reality. Two philosophers namely: Plato and Epicurus will serve was a reference or guide to enable us in answering this question. Plato was an idealist. He believed that reality is not physical but abstract. What we might refer to as reality is just a distorted representation of ideals or forms we do not understand. “Further, the many things, we say, can be seen, but are not objects of rational thought; whereas the forms are objects of thought, but invisible.” (274) By way of explanation, Plato means that we are limited from true knowledge about things that truly exist because we are encompassed in several illusions created by our fickle
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