The Theory Of The Therapy

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Unlike the transference approach, PCT focuses on the here and now and does not attempt to work with previous trauma/experiences which may affect behaviour (McLeod, 2015). Despite this, the effectiveness of the therapy does not appear to be affected as it has gained strong empirical grounds, remaining very popular amongst therapists and clients (Tudor & Worrall, 2006). Because this approach relies heavily on the therapist’s personal qualities to deliver effective therapy, the approach may not be suited to every therapist. As I am naturally a very empathetic and optimistic person, I feel the PCT approach would be suited to me, although this is not intended to diminish the effectiveness of other available approaches. The final school of counselling to be discussed is the CBT approach; this approach is one of the most popular forms of talk therapy (Jhugroo, 2015). CBT adopts a directive approach and is both problem focused and action orientated. Similar to the PCT in the Humanistic school, CBT focusses on the here and now, and suggests there are no unconscious meanings behind behaviours; in fact, behaviour is governed by the natural stimulus-response relationship inbuilt into each of us. This notion is represented in many visual models, such as the Hot Cross Bun Model (Fig. 1; Padesky & Mooney, 1990) which have been used to explain the concept to clients within the sessions. CBT sessions are generally fixed and relatively short term (usually lasting between 6 weeks to 6 months,

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