The Therapeutic Benefits Of Yoga And Mindfulness Meditation

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The Therapeutic Benefits of Yoga and Mindfulness Meditation We live in a world today in which we are continuously looking for the “new thing.” With the speed of technological advances in our society, individuals have become accustomed to reading up on the newest, most-innovative-to-date jet plane, new shoes with new technology for speed and agility, and, of course, new iPhones coming out twice a year with cool new applications. The common word here is ‘new’ and it is a simple syllable that has the power to make any novel thing be perceived as appealing. As modern medicines continue to develop, the public is also in demand for new-age therapies, and thus we have seen an increase in attention being directed toward the use of holistic medicines. Naturalistic and holistic methods are receiving positive criticisms leading to an increase in the attention it is being granted them from multiple fields of study. Due to the positive effects often observed as a result of such therapies, as well as their lack of negative side effects, therapies that exclude the use of chemical medicines and focus on natural healing are gaining international popularity. With media’s current emphasis on physical fitness, society is showing in an increased interest in keeping up with the trend – a constructive trend when compared to other subjects emphasized by the media. Furthermore, there have been countless reports stating the benefits that physical activity has to, not only one’s physical state,
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