The, There Is A Common Theme Of Deception

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In the Bible, there is a common theme of deception. Very few characters in the Bible are not involved in some form of a deceptive plot. This article examines the relationship between women in the Bible and deception stories in the Bible. One major idea that this article discusses is that lying is not looked down upon as long as it is done for the right reasons. If a weaker group uses deception to gain an advantage over a stronger group, they are not punished but instead praised and defended. However, it is not acceptable if a stronger power uses sneaky measures to hinder a weaker power. The association between women and lying is so commonly made because of the fact that women were inferior to men in biblical times, thus making their deceptive measures acceptable in the sight of others, especially God. Deception appears to be a commonly used tool by women in the Old Testament and this article examines the condemnation of their actions as well as the defense of their actions. The idea of selfless deception is accepted in this article. It states that if women lied not for their own reasons, but for the benefit of others, they would not be punished. The article then proceeds to give many examples such as Rebecca, Tamar, the midwives, and others. These characters deceived selflessly in order to help others around them prosper. For example, the midwives lied to their superior, the Pharaoh, in order to help the Israelite boys. One would think that God would punish them for

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