The Things They Carried By Tim O ' Brian

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Othering is the social outcasting of those who are different then the masses. This is the justification behind such events as the holocaust, segregation and assimilation. Today many books illustrate this. The book The Things They Carried,Tim O’Brian portrayed a character named Mary in the Sweetheart Song of Tra Bong. In Muas authored by Art Spiegelman the jews are othered in the most horrific way. Cristina Henriquez in her novel The Book of Unknown Americans she depicts the character Maribel is other because of her mental disability. During the Vietnam war the soldier had the most devastating ptsd often to comp the soldier would turn to things that would remind them of home. Mary is brought to Vietnam to comfort her man in such a place of turmoil. The men does not mind her presence and joke with each other about it. One man comments “‘A real tiger,’ said Eddie Diamond. ‘D-cup guts, trainer-bra brains.’” (92). The men like having a women around to tease her boyfriend about. Although the men are not malicious towards her, their mindset about Mary is a form othering. She brakes this subordination by daring to mingle with the natives. the men so resent her “The girl joined the zoo. One more animal – end of story.” 102 it was like she switched breeds. this depict the deep rooted resentment the solders have for the vietnamese for because of them they had to be in the hell of war. By the end of the story Mary is a new women. In her last appearance she is in the

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