The Third Ethical Philosophy Of Free Will And Self Ownership

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The third ethical philosophy that pertains to the health care profession is libertarianism. Libertarians believe in the doctrine of free will and self-ownership. Each individual has personal freedom to make certain decisions for themselves, but the other individuals that are involved do not have their rights infringed upon. In the health care profession, there will be patients that will want to do what they want to do, including giving advice on what medical procure best fits them. There will be some patients that will want to be given certain medicines, not the medicines that the physician provides, but the medicine that best suits them. A libertarian would view that they have a right to anything to their body. One significant issue that might arise is someone getting an abortions. A libertarian views abortion as an initiation of force against the fetus, which is wrong (Libertarianism, 2014). There might be patients that are libertarians and they see someone coming in a clinic to get an abortion and get upset, or there could be a doctor that has the same views. With being in the health care profession you have to put aside what your ethical philosophies are and have an open mind. There might not be things you agree with that is morally wrong, but for a patient it might be morally right for them. For example, if a young female was raped and she wanted an abortion and the physician believed that it was morally wrong for her to commit this action, but the physician has a duty

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