The Third Floor Of An Old House

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Kellie and Gregg had been living on the third floor of an old house in Shanghai. Before moving in Kellie had expectations of becoming close friends with the multiple neighbors who lived on the floors below. Once moved in, she realized that the neighbors did not have the same optimism and would not even say hello.
Kellie did not give up on her quest to make friends with her neighbors and eventually made a little progress with a couple of them. After a few months, upon returning from vacation, one of the mom’s from second floor helped her carry her bags upstairs. Wanting to thank the mom for her help, she took them a plate of brownies. After hastily placing one on grandpa’s plate, she remembered that the Chinese were not big on sweets.
One evening, Gregg told Kellie that he saw the neighbors crying. Kellie decided to call the cleaning lady that she was sure would know why they were crying. The cleaning lady told her, “The old man isn’t there anymore.” Not really knowing her neighbors, or which room they actually lived in, she assumed it was an old man to whom she had given the brownie.
Since they had exchanged some pleasantries, Kellie decided that it would be a proper gesture to take the family some flowers. Innocently she chose some red roses. Upon delivering the flowers she was embarrassed to learn that white was the color for death in the Chinese culture. Despite her error in color, the family kept insisting that she come to the funeral. From what she knew of the

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