The Thought Of Yin And Yang

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The thought of Yin and Yang has been around for a very long time. The idea of Yin and Yang can be dated back to as far as the 14th century B.C.E. These “documentations” of Yin and Yang were found on the “oracle bones” from ancient China. As Yin and Yang can represent man and women it can be dissected into a very meaningful thought. “As Yin and Yang are not of the same nature, so man and woman have different characteristics” (Pg.175). This is saying that it is not just how someone may be brought up or raised that determines how a child could gain characteristics. This explains that the gender when someone is born gives them distinct characteristics that are associated with a certain gender. It is said that “Man is honored for strength; a woman is beautiful on account of her gentleness”(Pg.175). This states the basic thoughts of men and women. That men are strong and women are beautiful and gentle. These thoughts of the two different genders brought upon a common saying, “A man though born like a wolf may, it is feared, become a weak monstrosity; a woman though born like a mouse may, it is feared, become a tiger” (Pg. 175). This statement or saying says a lot about people thought and probably still think about gender stereotypes. A man is born like a wolf, a man is born as being strong and masculine as a women is born weak and kind. These are the norms of the society. Even today there are plenty of societal norms that if a person breaks one of these norms that person would be

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