The Threat Of Chlorine As A Weapon Essay

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In the post 9/11 era of America, terrorism has become an unfortunate part of life. Since that day, America has seen six different attacks that have been aspired by Islamic extremism. From the anthrax attack in late 2001 to the San Bernardino attack in 2015 the increased violence has only become more frequent and more difficult to predict (Ilich, 2016). This includes the most recent example or Islamic extremism that occurred in Orland, FL at Pule night club when 29 year old Omar Mateen opened fire on unsuspecting victim claiming the lives of 49 and wounding an additional 53 (Ilich, 2016). The Boston bombing was the first time since the anthrax attacks that terrorism involved more than just a firearm (Ilich, 2016). The evolution of attacks makes since to move on from simple weapons to chemical attacks. The threat of chlorine attacks has to be considered with the ever growing use of it in Iraq and Syria. This discussion will look at the history of chlorine as a weapon. Then review current uses of chlorine as a weapon by Islamic extremist. Afterwards, theoretically look at how a chlorine weapon should be used in the United States, specifically Las Vegas. Then finish with how to prevent that attack. Chlorines history was never intended to be used as a weapon. In 1774 German-Swedish chemist Carl Wilhelm Scheele discovered the chemical (Chlorine, 2013). The uses for liquid and solid chlorine was found to kill bacteria and has been developed to be used in small quantities to

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