The Threat Of Terrorist Attacks

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In terrorist attacks, individuals or groups use violence to obtain political or social objectives through the intimidation of a large audience beyond that of the immediate victims (Santifort-Jordan & Sandler 2014, 981). If the terrorist attack is particularly shocking, then the terrorist group hopes that their malicious act will cause sufficient social anxiety that society will pressure the government to concede to the group 's demands. Suicide terrorist attacks, the execution of which requires the terrorists to sacrifice his or her life, have grown in number since the late 1990s (Santifort-Jordan & Sandler 2014, 981). According to Robert Pape (2003), suicide terrorism is rising around the world, but the most common explanations do not help us understand why. Terrorist organizations are increasingly relying on suicide attacks to achieve major political objectives. For example, spectacular suicide terrorist attacks have recently been employed by Palestinian groups in attempts to force Israel to abandon the West Bank and Gaza, by the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam to compel the Sri Lankan government to accept an independent Tamil homeland, and by Al Qaeda to pressure the United States to withdraw from the Saudi Arabian Peninsula (Pape 2003, 343). Furthermore, such attacks are increasing both in tempo and location.
Before the early 1980s, suicide terrorism was rare but not unknown (Pape 2003, 343). However, since the attack on the U.S. embassy in Beirut in April 1983, there

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