The Threat Of The War Against Terrorism

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As the world evolves new threats appear and some stand by what they believe in. These beliefs cause harm to other people. An example this would be, big military forces trying to prove a point by killing innocent civilian lives. This is where the Counter Terrorism forces comes into play. Such as the United States Seal team six, United kingdom S.A.S and Kopassus - Gultor 81. They seek out those who do wrong and bring them to justice. The only problem is that they need to have a stronger force to be able to do their job more effectively and perform well in urban areas. By having a larger force, Many countries can work together in helping the innocent lives of people by getting information of these terror acts. Most recently in Brussel Belgium was attack by several terrorist bombing an airport and killing several people. This could 've easily been prevented if the intelligence system was much more effective. French President Francois Hollande said “The war against terrorism in europe must be fought especially using intelligence.” If such methods were used in belgium this would of been prevented. Additionally, if the french intelligence system would have shared their information they received from the attacks in paris, Belgium would have had some sort of idea what was going on. After the attacks, the EU justice and interior ministers vowed to deepen joint intelligence, gathering and swiftly push through measures to share airline passenger information and set up the fight…
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