The Threat Of The World War II

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More importantly, after ISIS attacks on the various places in France, the world was in shock and looking for refuge for their loved ones. The president of France announcing that his country is at war. This bring up the topic of a potential World War Third breaking soon. According to the article World War III? from GIC, Pope Frances states that, “the Islamic State could spark a third world war……. Aerial bombing alone won 't deter the 32,000 or so Islamic State extremists, an estimate from the CIA, or their ideology. Major powers outside the region resist sending in ground troops and reviving claims about a war against Islam. "The geographic spread aside, the assaults on Paris show that Daesh has metastasized into a new type of multinational terror group,". Another WWIII in this point of time in the world, would be damaging for everyone in the world. The advance in technology in major part of the world is a problem we will have to face. The leading countries in development all have the most destructive weapons that can wipe up a country or even more. From the article Kill the New Cruise Missile by William J Perry and Andy Weber, they elaborate on the fact that missiles “can be launched without warning and come in both nuclear and conventional variants, cruise missiles are a uniquely destabilizing type of weapon.” Although Barack Obama doesn’t approve of the making of this product in the united states, that does not mean it apply to the rest of the world. Therefore, what is

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