The Threat Of Tigers And Starvation Essay

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However, these thoughts are not useful to have and do not help us to survive the threats of tigers and starvation. In an attempt to drive out thoughts of instability, we begin to create abstractions upon the world that allow us to believe in stability. One such example is language. We develop language to hold the meanings of words and assume its apparent consistency and effectiveness are signs of stability. However, these presuppositions of the stability of language based upon effectiveness are unfounded. In fact, they may be one of the best examples of the unstable mistaken for stable. III. View From Nowhere Only Reveals Empty Tautologies We say 1+1=2. It is true 1+1 does equal 2. But what have we learned from such an observation? We learned a shorthand, we can now call “1+1” by another name “2” but that doesn’t amount to the discovery of any new knowledge. By the same means, the concepts of addition become trivial as it is just a way to rename numbers by grouping the ones differently and calling it a different name. “Twoness” doesn’t really mean anything apart from “1+1”. Thus subtraction is the same process in reverse, and multiplication is the same renaming process as if you were to do the same addition multiple times… and suddenly basic arithmetic become trivial. So yes, while we can have ideas that are objective and internally coherent, they are mere trivial fabrications. Progression: Math> Logic> Language> Thin vs Thick > This is pretty in VFN, Thick does not work
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