The Three Most Difficult Things About Learning Russia

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Russian is a beautiful and unique language. To everyone listening, it can sound soft, gentle, and lyrical. It expands across eleven time zones and two continents. It is spoken by at least two million people. It is a language with so much to offer. Russian has its fair share of a rich history, multiple advantages and ways to learn it, easy parts, difficult parts, and interesting facts. Russian is an East Slavic language. It is closely related to Ukrainian and Belarusian. All three are part of the Eastern Slavonic group, which emerged in the tenth century. The Cyrillic alphabet, which is the alphabet used to write in Russian, was invented in the ninth century. It is closely based on the Greek alphabet. Only about a dozen letters were invented to represent Slavic sounds (History of The Russian Language). After doing some research, it became clear that learning Russian is not only good for …show more content…

Many letters in the Cyrillic alphabet look very similar to letters in the English alphabet, so learning them is not very difficult. It is also very important to learn them, because according to, “Once you learn the alphabet, you can pronounce almost all words quite accurately.” Another thing that helps make learning Russian easy is that there aren’t any articles, like ‘an’ or ‘the’. In the article The 3 Most Difficult Things About Learning Russian, it is said that Russian words are difficult to pronounce. To help with pronouncing words, the author suggests listening to Russian. It can mean watching Russian movies, listening to podcasts, or even having a conversation with a native Russian speaker. Another difficulty discussed is the grammar. Unlike in English, actions are either completed or not, there is no in between. To help better grasp this, it is suggested that the learner should look at the meaning of the verb and the verb stem. There are also mistakes that anyone who is learning any new language might

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