The Three Things Louise Mallard

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Part 1 Fundamentals of literary analysis
1 The way that Louise Mallard reacts to her husband’s death is different from that of other women in that she had almost sudden joy at her husband’s death.

2 The three things Louise Mallard hears are birds chirping, a merchant yelling his wares, and somebody singing a song. 3. In paragraph’s four and five, the author uses language and imagery to describe Louise’s state of mind. 1 The author uses the imagery of the open sky to show that Louise’s mind is open to new possibilities 2 The author uses simile and …show more content…

3 you can go to jail for killing somebody
1 in my opinion, pulling a lever to divert the train has less intention to cause harm than pushing somebody over a bridge. 2 If you pull the lever then 5 people are saved

4. If you push the man over the bridge, then you might stop the train and save six people and the people on the train.

5. This position is not persuading to me because then I would be stuck with the guilt of pushing somebody over the bridge and killing them.
Should English be a required portion of the Gaokao
I think that that English should be a required portion of the Gaokao 1 if Chinese students want to go to western countries to work they can 2 it tests their knowledge of the English language
2. If they want to stay in china 1 if after college they want to stay in china they are able to take with westerners they can 2 They also would have a common language with many other people in the world. If they know English, they can share their ideas with many and trade with

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