The Time Of A Traditional Family

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Entering the home of a traditional family, the youngest children are in the living room watching television, arguing over the channel, as the oldest sibling is their room because they recently got suspended from school, and the dog is drinking out of the toilet bowl. In the meantime, the mother is the kitchen preparing dinner and setting up the dinner table. As she listens to the children arguing, the laundry timer goes off, and then her husband walks in from work. Now, not every home is as chaotic as this one, but even so, the woman was expected to handle each of these situations within the home and have everything prepared for her husband. Motherhood and housework were the most significant roles and positions of women in society. Rarely, would women have any type of education compared to the men. Overtime, women have conquered much of the challenges faced by the oppression in society, but not all. Gaining the rights to vote, receiving an education, working under for any occupation they chose to, etc. Although, there is still some sort of dominance and power that men have over women within every aspect of society; issues like gender and wage gap, gendered division of labor, second shift, glass ceiling, and many more are still prominent in society. Sheryl Sandberg, in her book, Lean In: Women, Work, and the Will to Lead, and in a Ted talk argues about all the issues women face and how women do not insist on their fair share in the home or working community. Sandberg…

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