Essay about The Top Three Events of the 1960s

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What three events best represent the 1960’s and why?

I believe that the Vietnam War (1954-1975) was one of the most important events in the 1960’s because it was a highly controversial and covered heavily by media. Vietnam was the first war to be videotaped by reporters for the public to see on a daily bases. Before this everything was filmed by the government and edited to show how great of a job we were doing but in Vietnam reporters didn’t have that kind of restriction on their filming. Some reporters would go to the front lines and give the American public a look into the horrors of the war. This negative press that the war got, usually portrayed the American soldier in Vietnam as a blood thirsty savage, that would shoot at anything …show more content…

These were not the only big things happening at the time. Outside of the convention hall protestors were having demonstrations and peaceful protests about the war in Vietnam and other issues going on. Mayor of Chicago Richard Daley sent police officers to stop the protestors and keep the city in order but the police did more than they needed to by beating helpless protestors and taking countless protestors to jail for no apparent charges. All of this was on the news for the whole world to see and shocked many of the viewers on the chaos in Chicago. In the end the Democratic Party had been torn apart from some of the different views that they had, which would cost them the election that fall.
Lastly the Moon Landing was a huge achievement that ended a decade of new ideas and the space race between USSR and the US. On July 20th, 1969 the United States successfully sent three astronauts into space and had two astronauts Edwin “BUZZ” Aldrin and Neil Armstrong actually walked on and placed the American flag on the moon while also collecting moon rocks for scientific research. This accomplishment probably never would have happened if it wasn’t for President John F. Kennedy who gave his man on the moon speech after the USSR successfully sent a satellite into space known as Sputnik. JFK challenges the American people to learn how to do math and science at advanced level to catch up to the Russians. He then states in his speech “We choose to

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