The Torah And The Bible

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TORAH: The Torah, in Hebrew means "Instructions or Teaching," also known as the Pentateuch is the main reference of the Judaic religion. According to biblical history Moses while on top of Mt. Sinai, as told by God, wrote the Book of Genesis and the beginning of the Book of Exodus. Afterwards, Moses completes the Book of Exodus along with the Books of Leviticus, the Book of Numbers and began the Book of Deuteronomy. After the death of Moses, Joshua becomes his successor and completes the Book of Deuteronomy. These first five books tell of the creation of Earth, heavens, water, stars, moon, sun, mankind and animals along with the trials and hardships of mankind, establishment of the covenant as well as the civil laws and religious …show more content…

In fact, it is the opinion of most traditional bible scholars that the Book of Exodus is the most significant book of the Old Testament due to its explanation of the early history of the Israelites along with the development of guidelines and codes of their community. Next is the Book of Leviticus, in Greek means "things pertaining to the Levites" who were priests of the early Israelites during their wandering in the Sinai wilderness. Some of the scriptures in this book were directed at the priests, but more importantly it is about what God mentions to Moses. God actually explains to Moses how the Israelites are to perform rituals such as offerings and sacrifices as well as numerous legal and moral practices. The Book of Numbers, is the fourth book which continues at Mt. Sinai with the Israelites who have received their new laws, commandments and covenant from God through Moses. 80 In order to determine how many people are ready to continue the journey to Canaan it becomes necessary to take a census of the people present. During their journey many of the Israelites become tired and complain about their hardships in addition to the strict rules of Moses along with his brother Aaron and as a result God again becomes angry at the Israelites killing almost 15,000 of

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