The Torus Shaped Vessel

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2.3 Diverter Applications
The diverter is located at the bottom of the torus shaped vessel and is designed to extract heat from the plasma as well as the ‘exhaust fumes’ of the reaction occurring which are helium and any impurities from the first wall of the reactor. The basic concept of a diverter used within a tokamak design can be understood better by looking at figure x which is a diagram of JET after it had a divertor fitted. The separatrix is the last field line which contains the plasma. The magnetic field transports the plasma to the diverters at the bottom as shown where the heat energy strikes the diverter target plates and conducted to pipes where it is then removed through either a water or helium cooling system and the ‘exhaust gases’ are extracted by a vacuum.
The diverter itself is made up of several components shown in figure x. The plasma facing components are the two vertical targets and dome. A closer look at one of the vertical target in figure x shows how the cooling system works with a pipe with cooling fluid flowing through it is fitted through blocks of armour material which make up the targets.
Looking to the future as projects grow in size towards DEMO, which will be a functioning fusion power plant, the demands on materials especially PFC’s are going to increase. For ITER the plasma facing components for the divertor are to be made of carbon fibre-reinforced carbon composite’s (CFC) and some sections tungsten armour materials but for DEMO

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