The Tower Of Borough Demography

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1. Introduction 3
2. The Tower Hamlet Borough Demography 4
3. Diabetes prevalence in London Borough Tower Hamlets 7
3.1 Diabetes and health inequalities in Tower Hamlets 9
4. Social Determinant of Health 10
4.1 Examples of social determinants include: 10
5. National and Local Policy for diabetes 11
Contrarily, the recommended standard the National Audit Office report published in 2009 finds that NHS is performing below the expected levels of care, low achievement of treatment standards and high numbers of avoidable death, and concludes diabetes services in England are not delivering value for money. There were an estimated 3.1 million adults with diabetes in England and the number of people with the condition is expected to …show more content…

(National Audit Office, 2013) 12
6. Public Health Provision in Tower Hamlets 13
Conclusion 14
References 15
Public Health England, (2013) Diabetes prevalence model for local authorities and CCGs, (Online), Available at: Accessed [12/06/2015] 16

1. Introduction
Health is determined by some social conditions such as people’s work, area of birth, living and working environment. it also includes housing, education, built environment, financial security, and the health system. The world health organisation (WHO) stated that the above conditions are influenced by some very powerful forces which include social policies, economic policy, and political instances.
However, the term social determinants are nowadays greatly perceived as the responsibility of large amount of unwarranted health imbalance. While some imbalances are the consequence of free choice or usual natural differences, others are of external management of some people or groups of people and invariably these could be and could be circumvented
This report intends to focus on diabetes frequency in tower hamlet Borough. Hence, the demographic features of borough of Tower Hamlet will be highlighted with reference to the consideration of social determinant of diabetes in London Borough of Tower Hamlets. The report will likewise evaluate the national, local policy

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