Why Is Health a Social Issue?

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Health and Society
-Why is Health a Social Issue?

You might well think and ask, illness are concerned only with the physical condition of your body, why could one’s illness have anything to do with the society? However, one’s health issue can affect the society in different ways, for example, alcohol abuse and obesity that decrease the morale.
On the other hand, health of a person does heavily depend on the traits of the society including standard of living and inequalities. In other words, not only one’s health will affect society but social issues have impact on individuals’ health too. In this essay, I will be focusing on how one’s health problems interrelate with the society.

Healthy and Unhealthy individuals
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Healthy and unhealthy society
Society, on the other hand, is made up of individuals; people live together in communities. The development of people depends on the environment, which in other words, depends on how organizations manage it to make it a healthy society. Therefore, whether a society is healthy or not does has an impact on individuals.

When Social Issue Affects One’s Health
“Healthy individuals cannot survive when society is sick.” On the other hand, aspects of social structure influence health and illness. Social factors not only affect life expectancy, but the possibilities the one will experience diseases and in turn, the health care that they will receive.

When obesity is one of the significant public health problems in the world, several social factors are being considered shaping the problem of obesity. New technologies such as televisions, cars and computers that decrease the mobility of a person; development of fast food and drinks that are high in fat and sugar which clearly increase the possibility of people getting fatter.
When eating habits and changing diets are certainly having an impact on weight problems, for example, “decline in the consumption of fresh vegetables and increase in the consumption of processed vegetables”
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