The Traditional Family And Social Development Of The Traditional American Family

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A snapshot of the classic yet desired white family of the 1950’s: a pale skinned man with a pressed tie and shiny dress shoes, enjoys the pancakes and eggs his slender and sweet wife had prepared for him before work. The gentle figure leans to kiss her children who hustle to catch the school bus, a full lunch box in each hand and new toys for show and tell. However, this depiction of the “traditional american family” has been greatly modified. In her family history course, Stephanie Coontz asked her students to illustrate their own concept of a traditional or perfect family. Unsurprisingly, the predominating result was the stereotypical “nuclear” family, consisting of only father, mother, and children. This had once been culturally correct, but beginning in the mid-1900’s, the ideal American family has changed immensely with social development. Although the traditional family still exists in several households across the nation, the majority of families are far from the initial standards.
A monumental change to the “traditional American family” came in 2015 when same sex marriage was legalized. This momentous step to ensure the acceptance and rights of ranging sexualities had not only enhanced the quality of life for same sex couples, but also transformed the iconic household. Now that gays all across the nation were granted their right to marry, it was no longer necessarily “husband and wife” but the classic couple could be “wife and wife” or “husband and husband”. This

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