The Trafficking Of Human Trafficking Essay

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In this essay, the history of human trafficking will be examined, followed by who is affected by trafficking. Next the scope and types of exploitation will be discussed. Human trafficking is an issue that affects countries all over the world. Governments have made an effort to curb trafficking, however these efforts have been very narrowly focused. American ignorance has led to poor handling of the issues by policy makers. Finally the essay will discuss a proposed solution and set some goals for society to work on in the future.
When examining the traditional definition of slavery, it focuses on one human being taking ownership of another. Traditionally slaves were transported by lengthy sea voyages. However, with advancements in transportation human trafficking victims can be quickly and easily moved around the world (Kara 67). According to Robert Uy, “Trafficking, prostitution, and slavery have existed since the beginning of civilization and, while at times have been prohibited, have continued to exist” (215). Slaves can be exploited virtually forever with a form of slavery known as bonded labor, which has existed for centuries. Individuals involved in this type of slavery are often loaned money with the agreement to work of the debt; unfortunately, the pay is so low the debt is almost never repaid (Kara 67). Despite legislative efforts to pass effective anti-trafficking and anti-forced labor laws, the overwhelming focus has been on preventing sex trafficking. This coupled
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