The Tragedy Of Friar Lawrence In Shakespeare's Romeo And Juliet

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In the classical romance Romeo and Juliet written by William Shakespeare many were distraught by the two lovers’ suicide. The most to blame for their deaths is Friar Lawrence. He took many risks helping Romeo and Juliet. He knew what he was getting himself into and still helped them. Some say he's a bad person for doing that, others say he was being kind. The Friar should have known that they were just kids and they were rushing into things. In Romeo and Juliet, Friar Laurence says, “These violent delights have violent ends. Is loathsome in his own deliciousness, and in the taste confounds the appetite”- Shakespeare. Also Friar knew that just a couple days before Romeo had his eyes set on Rosaline. The Friar knew that this was too fast, but he married them anyway. The Friar married Romeo and Juliet despite their parent wishes. The only reason the Friar married the two children was because he thought the feud between the two families would end. However, this did not go as planned. The Friar needed to find a way out of this chaos. This goes to show Friar Lawrence is the most to blame and put not only his life on the line, but also the lives of Romeo and Juliet. …show more content…

The Friar hesitated because he knew it was sneaky and something bad would happen. Friar told Romeo and Juliet that he would marry them but not to tell anyone because he knew that there wouldn't be a good outcome for any of them if anyone found out. Friar Lawrence is the most to blame because at that moment if he said no, the rest that followed after that wouldn't have happened. Friar was trying to be a good person and help the children but it was a terrible mistake to marry them. He realized that after the

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