The Tragedy Of Othello By William Shakespeare

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Quashallia Potter
English 1102
Professor Duke
The Tragedy of Othello
Throughout Othello, the character Iago was very jealous, deceiving and a manipulative man. He uses different individuals love and passions to please his own satisfactions and needs. Since Iago was known for being honest no one even noticed his manipulative ways. Sadly to say Iago knows that Othello will listen to him because he is his right hand man. So with ease, Iago gives Othello hints that he thinks Desdemona which is Othello wife and Cassio are more than just so called friends.
To understand the Dynamic between Othello and Desdemona we must first examine the individual lives of Othello and Desdemona and the influences that affected their actions. First Othello, and how Iago manipulated him and how that action influenced Othello to kill Desdemona. Second Desdemona and Cassio and how their interactions were used by Iago to paint a picture of infidelity that was completely false.
Othello being a black man of status, the top General in the Venetian capital, always had to have his guard up. Iago his white ensign was his faithful companion in battle and friend throughout the years. Iago believed he was first choice for an up coming lieutenant promotion, after all the top General was his best friend who had seen first-hand, his valor in battle and commitment to the state. Othello chose
Cassio a young soldier with only theoretical knowledge of battle as his Lieutenant,
A decision that will later

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