The Tragedy Of The Night Raid

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"And…there you have it!" Ash finished his long explanation after spending almost an hour, sharing all the necessary details that Night Raid needed to hear. And yes…he left out all the other parts this time around, involving his interactions with female companions because he feared that some of the Night Raid’s female members, especially Leone and Chelsea would tease him about it.
Now he was waiting patiently how Night Raid will handle the information he had given them. Sure, most of the things he brought up sounded very suspicious and farfetched to believe, but it was the truth. It was only a matter of time rather or not they will accept it. So far, they were actually handling the issue better than he originally expected. They didn’t bombard him with too many questions regarding Heartless, Nobodies, the Organization, other worlds, etc.
"That explains a lot about Xhäs." Tatsumi said finally, still cupping his chin in a thinking gesture.
"Heh. I always knew he was a weirdo. No wonder he barely talks about himself when we first met him." Mine replied with an arrogant smirk, folding her arms together.
"Oh, you’re just saying that because he called you an annoying little girl, Mine." Leone teased, grinning.
The pink haired girl glared at her friend. "Shut up! At least I didn’t make out with his other half." The blonde woman blushed.
Ash blushed, too, although he felt bad for misleading Leone to make her believe he was Xhäs. Maybe he’ll make up to her when they are alone. He

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